5 modern ways to market your brand and elevate your business to a completely different level


Digital branding these days is taking a new shape in this modern and fast-moving world. As time passes by the branding is becoming more of increasing the customer experience and elevating it to new levels. But truth to be told, no matter how modern the approach gets, there are some rules or say the strategies which remains constant – the ones which always work, to convey your brand’s message. Social Media Platforms and of course the world wide web has empowered consumers to interact with the brand through easiest and engaging ways possible. What makes your brand stand out is the way you DO IT. How differently are you engaging and engrossing your targeted audience with your products and services?

Research. Research and Research:

Well, it might sound weird and too monotonous but that’s the first step towards moving ahead with strategies and building a roadmap. The first question is how well do you know your client’s products. No matter how good your strategies are but if it doesn’t fit the brand’s profile, they’re all in vain. Branding is all about bringing your product/services look and feel to life before your end consumer. The more you dive into research, the more you’ll be able to bring innovation on the table. It will change the way you pitch your brand and make it look exclusive.

Create a Buyer Persona:

Once you ‘re done and dusted with the research work and a rough draft about the plan of action, create a buyer persona. Define how your ideal customer should be. The whole idea of social media is to draw your ideal customer via simple and effective means. And this is possible when you know what should be the age group of your buyer, the things he must like and the ones that he doesn’t, what car he/she must have or what food does he like the most. The buyer persona for a B2C marketing will be totally different than the B2B ones because there we’d be targeting businesses and not actual people.

Know your competition:

As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That stands true when you are reaching out to masses or your target audience. Keep an eye on every move your competitors make. Spend time after their campaign ideas, the way they revert back to their customers. If possible be a customer yourself and interact with your competitors’ brand, use their products and services to get a better idea. You have to keep yourself in your customer’s shoe to know where the shoe pinches and where it doesn’t.

Define your social media channels:

This is one of the most common problems media agencies face when they are approached by clients looking out for digital branding. Clients being naïve have no idea about what channels are approachable and thus they’d emphasize to target almost every social media platform. But, being a marketer, it is your job to make them understand that targeting every social media will lead to chaos and no significant results. Concentrate on minimum 2 or maximum 3 social media platforms depending upon their brand’s objectives and goals.

Content is the king. Always.

This is the universal truth which is both undeniable and tough. The modes of information and the way they’re presented can change but not the information, isn’t it? As far as your posts are cool, viral, fresh and original, you’ll win your customers because internet people love these things. This is only possible when you are up-to-date with the current trends and are aware of what is your customer liking and engaging with the most. Creating fabulous ad copies that depict your brand will great a great value for your business in the long run.

Down the lane, it is all about trial and error and making things work. Marketing and branding is a domain where one never knows about what can go viral at which point of time. You have to just keep an eye, stay alert and hit the right nerve.

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