A brief guide to Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Web App


A brief guide to Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Your App

Whether you own a StartUp or are planning to build an enterprise level company, you always encounter a phase where you become the prey of what is the best technology stack for your app – The one that fits your company’s profile and persona both. Be it any business, the thing which matters is that your digital presence is going to the first impression you’ll leave on your targeted audience.

There are so many factors that decide the perfect tech stack for your application. This decision can lead you towards building a benchmark company or can lead you to rupture your existing brand value.

We have a got a list of guidelines that can help you get an idea about what can work.

1. User Experience:

The first question that comes into the picture is what type of application it is going to be i.e. your target audience, the demographics of your user base, age group, geographical location and so on. Ultimately, you’d have to define your audience precisely. The other thing to decide is whether you need both a mobile as well as a web app or either of them.

2. How are you innovating?

If you already have an existing app than the question is how are you going to innovate it. Because, the whole point of rebuilding is to give your customers something they have never seen before, or have interacted with before. Say, your customers are native app users than you must go with the mobile-first approach. That is building a native mobile app using core languages like Objective C, Swift, or Java. But, you want to rejuvenate the desktop app experience, a single page app built using a cool front-end and UI using JavaScript with a robust and modern framework like React or Angular will do the job for you.

3. What is your timeline?

It can be either of the cases i.e. you want to make your app as soon as possible so that you get plenty of time to market it and reach out to as many people as possible or using sufficient time to create the best version. CMS like WordPress or frameworks like Ruby on Rails will get you quickly on board. But, it is advisable to not compromise with the time as for the long run a robust, scalable and performant app will give you wonderful results.

4. Where does your company stand at the moment?

Well, this is important because defining the spectrum of whether your company falls into either of the SMBS, Large Scale or enterprise level companies will lower the risk and also complications. This will help you cut down the unnecessary cost and budget, which ultimately will help you manage your finances efficiently. As building an app won’t help, marketing will consume a major part of the budget; something which might go beyond your speculation.

5. Do you have a roadmap for your Bootstrapping StartUp?

The key to a successful StartUp is how visionary you are in terms of choosing the technology for your app and how clear can you see its future. There can be no space for doubt for the same. Having a clear business objective or the end goal is important as it will determine the amount of profit you gonna encash through the app. To give it a push, you can always choose WordPress, basic PHP, Jekyll or HarpJS. These technologies are easy to implement and turns out to be good-looking too.

Hence coming to a conclusion, these are not the only factors but yes these are the significant ones for sure. So, if you are planning to pitch a completely new digital image through a cool and robust application, you need to do a lot of brainstorming and even sip mugs of coffee if you need to.

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